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Image of Sucker!

"This story starts like almost any other. Two girls are sitting in a bedroom discussing how they feel completely disconnected from their environment and sense of self. The one was adopted as a child and struggled with feeling disconnected from the world when she didn’t even know her own genetic make-up. Her own looks were completely exotic and hard to pinpoint. She didn’t recognize her own beauty back then, despite how many boys took second looks at her crossing the street. Cuts on her arms, from days spent self-inflicting little scratches here and crying and writing in journals searching for any way out of her small town.
The other girl, four years older, took on the role of the protector; the guide. She was searching, too. Orphaned by the time she was 12, she often governed herself within the walls of her own home as a careless stepmother descended into madness around her. She answered to nobody but herself. Strong and fierce to the outside world, she rarely showed her true insecurities. She was always the chubby Jewish girl. No one ever stopped to look at her except her friend who was the first person that ever really made her feel beautiful.
The first girl lived in a beautiful home on the far end of the town, a home in which her parents don’t know how to control her. She was reckless, wild, and free. They tried to tame her, blaming everyone along the way for her obstreperous spirit.
The second girl lived on the other side of town in what you might call squalor. But to her, it is a utopia she created for herself after leaving an abusive household. They sat in the utopia painting the walls pink and writing lyrics from their favorite bands on the walls. The room held magic, their secrets and kisses shared, platonic of course. Both just wondered if they could suck the energy of the others' spirit through childhood exploration."

Sucker! is a 40 half page zine/book about heartbreak, loss, and starting over. It is a love letter to the East Bay, losing your mind, and personal strength.